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Fasteners shine "Beidou satellite", progressive person ingenuity

Fasteners shine

Every aerospace model launch mission always affects the hearts of countless space people. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Aerospace Seiko Co., Ltd. as the Beidou project fasteners supporting units, the successful launch of the satellite once again for every Seiko people proud. Here, there is a group of unknown, unique ordinary workers fighting in their ordinary post, chasing their dream of space flight, so numerous fasteners shine "Beidou" light.

Potential to tap the potential of small craftsmen

In five years, 26-year-old An Meng has become the team leader of fitter mark classes. Apprentice or apprentice when he is a rival and the Lord, love Meng study, good study of the character so that he continues to undertake a large number of the company quite effective and targeted manufacturing project research projects to solve the fitter assembly, shaped pieces bent Shaped, product alignment, drilling repair, tooling design, marking a large number of problems. In a short period of five years of practice, he designed the tooling mold reached hundreds of sets.

Conventional nuts are generally laser-marked with a mandrel shaft, but complex shapes often have the problem of misaligned markings. He carefully analyzed the drawbacks of the mandrel-fixing method. By studying the structural features of the complex nut pieces, he designed a special-purpose tooling to improve the processing efficiency of the markings more than eight times.

Doing a good team leader

"Duan Xuanli where the heartless grinding team is the biggest characteristic of the implementation of strong, daily tasks can be done on a daily basis," this is the workshop director of his evaluation.

Behind the efficient execution is not accidental. Working efficiency is based on the process of processing quality and processing information based on the accurate transmission, as a group of unwilling to wear team leader, Duan Xuan Li understands its meaning. On the basis of improving the processing quality, Duanxuan Li will first make the heartless grinding process into the company's first batch of inspection-free procedures. Second, through the establishment of a group within the team to reward and punishment of lazy assessment mechanism, with the notification of responsibility and work reviews and other means, the formation of the task within the team work day and a good atmosphere. In addition, in the manufacturing execution system, every product on the centerless grinding process has a clear state of merit information, which is also due to Duanxuan Li's explicit requirement that team members be self-monitoring.

Duanxuan ceremony understand that only the fundamental problems can be solved once and for all truths, so for the process of grinding margin and centerless grinding process unreasonable position, he timely feedback modify the process to avoid the recurrence of processing problems to ensure that the model ancillary products Delivery schedule.

Layman who does not make process technology

Experienced cold forging inspectors can practice the skill of "seeing and hearing people", "Wang Jia Gan's work is more discerning, the appearance and consistency of the products are very good, and do not leave any troubles for the next procedure." Wang Jia is not only cold forging work pretty, but also proficient in drawing design and process. If the process of processing each product as a game of chess, cold heading is the first step in chess, Wang Jia in this first step, they already think of the second step, the third step how to go.

Wang Jia where the cold heading double-headed team often encounter high-precision machining, the appearance of complex parts. For large quantities of repetitive orders, he constantly trying to improve the process, improve product forming rate. Faced with the need to tackle the problem, he formed a project team with technical staff, led the team members skills and professional qualifications to enhance.

As we chase the dream of spaceflight, we not only have the skilled workers to tap potentials and enhance efficiency, but also have excellent team leaders. We also have party members who have overcome the difficulties and even more vigorous "small tractors." For a long time, they uphold the continuous improvement and improvement of quality work philosophy, adhere to the problem-oriented, time and again to enhance the quality of fasteners to a higher level, so that each of a "small screw" has a "steel" , Withstand strong shock, ultra-high temperature, high stress, strong corrosion and other extreme harsh environment test.

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